Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kelloggs Gluten-free Rice Crispies

I am soooooooo excited!  Those of you familiar with this blog will be aware of how I feel about breakfast (LOVE IT) and very shortly there will be a new, super-convenient way to start the day.  Kelloggs are launching gluten-free rice crispies, in ordinary sized boxes and, rumour has it, at the same price as gluten-ated (TM) crispies!  Here's the announcement.

I'm expecting to see it on the cereal aisle at any moment.

It's so normal!

But the big question is: Will they still snap! crackle! and pop! ?

Gluten-free Rice Crispies
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  1. UPDATE: I have still not seen these on the supermarket shelves. I live near a medium sized Tesco's and a large Sainsbury's and despite many a happy hour spent gazing at the shelves, I am still buying the teeny tiny boxes of over-priced gluten free cereal from the 'foods for special people' section. If any of you readers are the boss of a large supermarket, explanations please! ithankyou


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